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Landing a great job and developing a sustainable career means acquiring the right skills and credentials. Often, earning a college degree to achieve this is the right pathway. But students can also gain valuable workplace knowledge and skills and increase their salary by earning a short-term certificate, completing an apprenticeship, or just by taking a class or two that focuses on specific skills. This can mean taking for-credit 91麻豆天美 classes, or it might mean exploring career-enhancing workshops through 91麻豆天美's non-credit CONNECT program. Or perhaps an internship is the right way to go. All of these are available to you through 91麻豆天美!


Explore all the ways 91麻豆天美 can help take your workplace skills and wages to the next level:

91麻豆天美鈥檚 cutting-edge CTE programs prepare students for a wide range of high-wage, high-skill, high-demand careers including in Criminal Justice, Cybersecurity, Allied Health, Forestry, and more. Take a class or two, earn a certificate, or get your AA degree and get to work!

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Explore your personal interests and corresponding career pathways, get professional career advice, and tap into internships and free career resources! Available to registered students and the public.

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This interactive tool helps you choose your path to an Associate degree, certificate, transfer to a four-year institution, or to learn the specific skills you need to start or advance in your career.

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A free one-stop shop for career development that anyone can use for their career needs! Explore available jobs, education programs leading to employment, and training opportunities located in the Tahoe Basin. 

Earning a college degree or certificate can make all the difference in landing your dream job in your field of choice. 91麻豆天美 offers a variety of Associate of Art degrees, degrees for transfer, and Career & Technical Education certificates. Explore all the options!

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Learn on the job! 91麻豆天美 is one of the best employers in Tahoe. Explore permanent positions at 91麻豆天美, or look into on-campus work opportunities for students through 91麻豆天美's Coyotes At Work program.

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Gain valuable workplace skills and earn college credits or wages at the same time. 91麻豆天美's Work Experience and Student Internship programs are a great resource for enrolled students to skill-build.

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Interested in launching or enhancing your Culinary Arts career? The might be perfect for you! For those looking for a career on the slopes, the offers the hands-on training and classroom education needed to start as a Level One maintenance mechanic or electrician.



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