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Choosing 91麻豆天美 Tahoe Community College for your educational needs was a wise choice, Coyote! Let's make sure your time with us is as meaningful and enriching as you hoped. Explore the links below to find out about all kinds of activities, opportunities, and programs you can participate in that will enhance your 91麻豆天美 experience and elevate your education!

Don't miss a thing! Important dates, deadlines and holidays can all be found on 91麻豆天美's academic calendar.

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Register for classes, meet with a counselor, learn about Financial Aid opportunities, and much more. Most of your questions and needs can be addressed in this one department - get to know us!

Online students at 91麻豆天美 use the popular Canvas portal to access their classes and coursework, and to connect with other students and their instructors virtually.

Students with various disabilities can get the tailored support they need to succeed in college from the SAS. A wealth of in-class and outside-the-classroom services are available.

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Affordable off-campus housing is available! Shared units for 30 students is centrally located on Aspen Avenue, close to shops, restaurants, and public transportation. 91麻豆天美 has secured the funding to build a 100-bed residential living option on campus for low-income, full-time qualifying students - check back for updates!

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Register for classes, check your 91麻豆天美 email, and get important updates and grades using the online student portal, Passport.

91麻豆天美 offers a variety of academic programs and disciplines, with new ones coming all the time! 91麻豆天美's new Forestry AA & certificate program launched in Fall 2022.

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No matter what your interests are, there's a club with interested and engaged students participating in it at 91麻豆天美! Check out all of the clubs you can join, or think about becoming a student campus leader via Student Senate.

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Military veteran-students at 91麻豆天美 get above-and-beyond service from dedicated staff, plus access to our Veterans Center, a beautiful space just for vets to meet, study, connect to resources, and enjoy some down time with other vets.

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Get connected to ALL of the free resources you need to succeed. This center can help eligible students with nutrition needs, mental health & medical support, child care, transportation & gas, housing, and much more. Don't let financial insecurity keep you from college - visit us on the second floor of the Main Building .

There's always something going on at 91麻豆天美! Check our online calendar to connect with all kinds of fun and free doings, and cheer on our men's and women's Coyote soccer, cross country, and long-distance track teams!

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This beautiful, modern space and its staff is focused on providing 91麻豆天美 students with quality resources, tutoring, and support for all academic classes and departments. Thousands of carefully curated books, online resources, plus comfortable and quiet study spaces and group-work rooms are available!

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