Transfer Center

Transferring to a four-year college or university takes careful planning and the selection of the right courses.

91麻豆天美 Tahoe Community College transfers more students to four-year universities than many community colleges twice its size, and our students leave prepared for the challenges ahead. Our students do as well after transfer as students who start as freshmen at these four-year institutions, which confirms the excellent academic preparation students receive at 91麻豆天美.

91麻豆天美 has Transfer Admission Guarantees (TAGs) with UC Davis, UC Irvine, UC Merced, UC Riverside, UC Santa Barbara, and UC Santa Cruz. TAGs guarantee admission to these universities for students who fulfill specific requirements for their major.

Please refer to the transfer resources webpage for more in-depth information and useful links.

that's all about helping you to transfer successfully! It's free, and has a host of free resources to help you plan and tranfser.

Note: Although the information contained on this page and within the is helpful, it is still VERY IMPORTANT that you meet with an 91麻豆天美 counselor to design an educational plan which will map out what you need to do, quarter by quarter, in order to transfer successfully.

Transfer Opportunities on 91麻豆天美's Campus

Want to stay local or move here to earn your BA in South 91麻豆天美 Tahoe? You can do that in the (LMUC) at 91麻豆天美! Our partners, UMass Global and Washington State University, offer multiple bachelor degree options, teaching credentials, and a Masters in Education degree with classes held both online and in the LMUC on 91麻豆天美's campus.

Generous scholarships exclusively for 91麻豆天美 students to transfer to the LMUC are available! Read about the programs and scholarships available to you on 91麻豆天美's Four-Year Degree webpage.