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Equity LogoEquity at 91麻豆天美 Tahoe Community College means making sure that all of our students have access to the academic support, mentoring, and financial assistance they need to succeed in college and reach their full potential. Providing access and support isn鈥檛 new to 91麻豆天美: multiple initiatives and programs dedicated to improving access have been underway for many years. But the Equity Office strives to do something different by focusing on improving access and closing performance gaps for underrepresented students, many of whom are first-generation college students struggling with multiple jobs, language barriers, affordable childcare, and other obstacles that can hamper academic success.

  • Services Offered
鈥 Personalized support and guidance
鈥 Free mentoring services
Priority registration
鈥 Access to the free  and basic needs services
鈥 Additional counseling services, including career guidance and academic planning
鈥 Free trips to nearby colleges to encourage progression
鈥 Participation to cultural events and more!
  • Who is Eligible?

To be eligible for the Equity Program, students must:

        • Be from an underrepresented student group, Hispanic/Latino or other ethnic minority group, former/current foster youth, homeless, undocumented, a student with a disability, veteran or first-generation college student


        • Considered low income; eligibility determined by
        • Committed to transferring to a 4-year school, or earning an AA degree or certificate


  • Requirements to Stay in the Program
鈥 Attend an Equity orientation meeting
鈥 Meet with an academic counselor at least once per quarter
鈥 Complete a progress report mid-quarter
鈥 Attend one on-campus event or


  • How to Apply
Equity application forms are available to current students and are accepted year-round. Apply now!
1. Complete the for all 91麻豆天美 student support programs; or apply directly to Equity online ()()
2. Turn your application into the Equity Office (Room A258) or email equity@ltcc.edu 
3. You will be contacted within two days via email of your application status
Not a student yet? Apply to 91麻豆天美 Tahoe Community College!


  • Get Involved

H.O.P.E Club (Hispanos Orgullosos Preparandose para la Excelencia)

This club intends to set up a stronger Latino community by volunteering, hosting events, and activities that students and community members can get involved in while also fundraising for scholarships for students with mixed immigration status as well as DACA (DREAMer) students. We encourage people of all races to participate and help build a stronger foundation for diversity.


  • Videos

Check out on diversity!


  • Resources

2022-2025 91麻豆天美 Equity Plan

New Student Checklist (English) (贰蝉辫补帽辞濒)

91麻豆天美 Student Support Programs Flyer

91麻豆天美 Basic Needs Center

2015- 2016 Equity Plan

2019-2022 91麻豆天美 Equity Plan

Progress Report

2017-2018 Student Equity & Integrated Planning Executive Summary


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equity & student wellness
  • Laura Salinas, Director of Equity and Student Wellness
    Laura Salinas
    Director of Equity & Student Wellness
  • Ivan Aquino
    Ivan Aquino
    Equity & Student Wellness Office Assistant