Basic Needs Center

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Anyone can find themselves in a situation where they are struggling to meet their basic needs because of unforeseen circumstances such as a health issue, loss of employment, a rent increase, or other common "life" interruptions. The Basic Needs Center at 91麻豆天美 Tahoe Community College helps eligible students meet their most basic needs so they can focus on their studies and succeed.
If you are facing financial hardship and need emergency supplemental food, mental health or medical assistance, help with housing, transportation, utilities, or childcare, the Basic Needs Center can help!
The Center and its services are available to all registered students who meet basic income eligibility guidelines. To apply for services, be currently enrolled in classes and so we can see everything you are eligible for and can connect you with the help you need quickly. The vast majority of 91麻豆天美 students are eligible for these free services.


Eligible students can get free support for:

  • Food Insecurities - free food & hygiene products through the Food Pantry, CalFresh (SNAP), supermarket gift cards
  • Mental Health & Medical Health - Free 24/7 access to support via 91麻豆天美 TimelyCare
  • Transportation - emergency repairs, maintenance costs, gas cards and more
  • 91麻豆天美 - Affordable housing resources and references, emergency rental and utility cost support
  • Child care support - Referrals and vouchers
  • Career support - help finding employment, interview preparation, resume help, professional clothing support

Got questions? Don't hesitate to come visit us on the second floor of the Main Building on campus, or email us at

Food Pantry Services


91麻豆天美's Food Pantry, located on the second floor of the Main Building, is there to help you meet your nutritional needs when you need it most. To make use of these free nutritional services, check in with Basic Needs Center staff for a short interview to determine what kinds of foods you like and most need, and to provide other food resource information as appropriate. Distribution of food is completed by Basic Needs Center staff. Selected food and hygiene items must fit into a standard-sized grocery bag that you bring with you. Visits are limited to two per month. Please only take food that you will actually use so there is plenty for everyone. Food Pantry hours vary each academic quarter.

The Food Pantry receives most of its items from private donations and grants. Products offered are dependent on their availability, and the Center's financial situation. We provide as much food variety as possible while sticking to a budget and providing for the basic food needs of our users.

Food Pantry


Food Pantry Hours

Monday - Wednesday:  9am-7pm
Thursday: 9am-5pm
Friday: 9am - 1pm


Outside the Equity & Student Wellness Office (A258), second floor in the Main Building


Must be a registered student and meet income guidelines (guidelines for Emergency Food Assistance Program or eligible for California College Promise Fee Waiver A & B)
Basic Needs Center Flyer (English) (贰蝉辫补帽辞濒)

How to Donate
We graciously accept monetary donations in order to keep the Food Pantry's shelves well stocked. To make a donation online, and select "Program Support" in the dropdown for "My donation is for..." In the box for Designated Scholarship/ Program, type "Food Pantry."
Basic Needs Center
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