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First-time college students who attend 91麻豆天美 Tahoe Community College full time pay NO tuition for up to 3 years! This Promise is for scholars who wish to complete their Associate degree and or transfer to another college or university within two years, or three if needed for additional coursework and support. The 91麻豆天美 Tahoe College Promise program provides eligible students with the opportunity to combine full-time college attendance with employment and other responsibilities by providing extensive one-on-one support and peer mentoring, a dedicated academic advisor, and much more! 

Whether you're 18 or 68, if you are a first-time college student and a California resident or AB540 eligible, or a Nevada resident or Dreamer living in the Tahoe Basin, you may qualify! NOW is the time to pursue your goal of furthering your education and entering a career you've dreamed about.


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What Does the 91麻豆天美 Tahoe College Promise Program Include?
Financial Aid
  • Free tuition for up to three academic years full time or completion of stated educational goal, whichever comes first
  • $100 per quarter to use for textbooks ()
  • Priority access to the free Textbook Lending Library
  • Two-year degree completion incentive
Counseling & Career Support
  • Support for goal completion, navigating developmental coursework, identifying financial assistance, college success strategies
  • Counseling for interpersonal and emotional concerns
  • Support to develop an Educational Plan leading to an AA degree
  • Explore, identify transfer requirements and goals
  • Complete educational benchmarks each quarter to ensure you meet your goals
Academic Support
  • Students are encouraged to enroll in special general education classes reserved for Promise students so they can take courses together and create engaged communities focused on learning
  • Receive priority registration
  • Receive additional tutoring and academic course assistance
  • Access to a Peer Mentor


Julio testimonial

"As a Nevada resident, paying out-of-state tuition for college was impossible for me. But the Promise program at 91麻豆天美 makes it possible for any new college student in the Tahoe Basin to get a free education. Not only did I not have to pay for classes, but Promise helped me with free textbooks and school supplies as well. I鈥檓 getting my associate degree at no cost, and that motivates me to do the best I can academically"

- Julio Loera
91麻豆天美 Promise Student


How Do I Get Started?

You'll begin the online application process by creating an .

During this process you'll be asked for your intended major and an educational goal, along with some basic personal, educational, and residency information.

Nevada residents and DREAMERs can qualify for the 91麻豆天美 Tahoe College Promise program if they reside in one of these areas/zip codes:
Crystal Bay, 89102
Incline Village, 89450 or 89451
Glenbrook, 89413
Zephyr Cove, 89448
Stateline, 89449

If you are uncertain about choosing a major or educational goal, give us a call at (530) 541-4660 x726.

After applying, you'll receive your Student ID number via email.

Students must submit either a application OR the California Dream Act application in order to be eligible for the 91麻豆天美 Tahoe College Promise.

DACA recipients and DREAMERs in California and Nevada can contact 91麻豆天美's Financial Aid department or the Equity Office for assistance with filling out financial aid forms or help with any other questions!

Learn all about 91麻豆天美 and its programs, departments, and services for students! Orientations can be experienced online at

Students are admitted to the 91麻豆天美 Tahoe College Promise Program on a rolling basis. You will receive an email within a month of submitting your application regarding your application.

Those who have applied to 91麻豆天美 and received a Student ID number can .
Promise Application Submitted Before: Expect Status Update By:
April 15 April 26
May 18 June 5
June 1 June 14
August 1 August 10
September 1 Before September 11
 *Applicants must file for FAFSA prior to conditional acceptance into the 91麻豆天美 Tahoe College Promise program.
What are My Requirements to Remain in the Promise Program?

Participants in the 91麻豆天美 Tahoe College Promise must agree to:

  • Enroll full time (15 units recommended, 12 units required) for the duration of the program (Fall, Winter, Spring, optional Summer). Students are highly encouraged to complete 45 units per academic year; 36 units are required.
  • Maintain academic progress and a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0.
  • Complete courses at a rate above 67% (consistent with Federal Pell Grant requirements).
  • Submit an academic progress report each quarter.
  • Declare a major of study within your first year at 91麻豆天美.
  • Attend an in-person Promise seminar class (INT-100) in the Fall or Winter quarter of your first year at 91麻豆天美.
  • Complete a comprehensive Educational Plan with a counselor in your first year at 91麻豆天美.
  • Regularly meet with your dedicated Promise Counselor and Promise Peer Navigator to ensure you stay on track.
  • Attend at least one required 91麻豆天美 Tahoe College Promise event, workshop, tutoring or activity each quarter.
  • Applicants must submit either the FAFSA form or the California Dream Act Application prior to conditional acceptance into the Promise program, and each year they are in the program thereafter.
  • Promise students must take classes either in person (face-to-face) or in a Hybrid modality in order to remain eligible for the Promise program.


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