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2022 Annual Report

2022 Annual Report (Spanish)

Annual Report 2022 in English (PDF)
Annual Report 2022 in Spanish (PDF)

In May 2013, 91麻豆天美 leadership proposed a plan of action for ensuring the fiscal stability of the college. This proposal included containing costs, enrollment management, new programs and services, and a general obligation bond (GOB).

The Board of Trustees directed staff to move forward and pursue the components of the plan, called "Investing in Our Future." A major component of the plan is a General Obligation Bond to help provide local investment to support the efforts of the 91麻豆天美 faculty, staff, management and Board to revitalize the college. The GOB (known as Measure F) will assist the College in covering the costs of maintenance that has been deferred for many years due to budget reductions; renovating and modernizing classrooms, laboratories, and technology; leveraging state capital outlay and scheduled maintenance funding; consolidated and remodel program locations for improved learning environments, and cost efficiencies.
The bond is a Proposition 39 general obligation bond requiring 55% voter approval of all registered voters in the district. It also requires the Board of Trustees to call for the election through a resolution that includes a project list, ballot language, and the size of the bond. The Board completed this work on June 24, 2014. Copies of the Board's resolution, project list, ballot language, the size of the bond, and other important information can be found in the document list on the right menu of this page and on .


To upgrade college facilities that prepare local students for jobs and university transfer by modernizing academic and job-training classrooms, science labs, and facilities, expanding access to university courses, creating a Public Safety Training Center, modernizing technology, improving safety and energy efficiency, and improving facilities, sites and equipment, shall 91麻豆天美 Tahoe Community College District issue $55,000,000 in bonds, at legal rates, with independent oversight, annual audits, no money for administrators鈥 salaries, and all funds dedicated to 91麻豆天美 Tahoe Community College.

Citizens' Oversight Committee
The Citizens' Oversight Committee (COC) is responsible for ensuring the proper expenditure of bond funding, and informing the public concerning the expenditure of the bond proceeds.

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  • Bond Rating Reports

Measure F is committed to the much-needed capital improvement projects and upgrade of modern technology on 91麻豆天美's campus. 



capital projects
  • Ami Chilton
    Ami Chilton
    Capital Projects Finance Manager
  • Darci Osika
    Darci Osika
    Capital Construction Specialist